Gas Water Heater - American - 50 gal.- 5 years old
Posted by Adam on August 21, 1998 at 09:32:30:
Note: The heater is connected to our heating system ("Aquatherm"), but only the A/C is currently in use. Problem: 1st shower each morning - 30 seconds of hot, then 5 minutes cool, then the rest just slightly warm, but really hot water about 1/2 hour later for 2nd shower. Yes, we have a Sears washer, and we turned off the hot & cold to it for 5 days while we were away, but same pattern the first day back. We also tried shutting off all cold water to the heater at night, but same pattern. Layman's guess is that the burner turns on only when the tank is refilling, but not when the tank is full e.g. while we're sleeping. Time for a new tank? Other potential problems? Suggestions for a decent tank (gas) that will adequately supply "Aquatherm" system, 3 people, dishwasher, and washer? Thanks for your help!

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