Foul smell coming from refrigerator ice cube maker and drinking water spigot
Posted by Ben Falchi on May 29, 19100 at 21:25:08:
Hi Terry,
Maybe you can help me out, I live in North Carolina and my kitchen sink faucet water is fine and smells good.
I have a problem when I take a glass of water from my refrigerator spigot I get a foul smell. I changed the filter twice about
four months ago when I changed the filter the second time I flushed out the feed line which is plastic braided and then I cleaned out
the valve in the refrigerator which sends the water to the ice maker and refrigerator water spigot, when I was cleaning the valve
I noticed black good and the end of the plastic feed line that comes from the filter end and connects into the refrigerator valve. So I
flushed out the line till I got rid of the foul smell and the black gook. Is this gook and foul smell due to a plastic hose being used? I'm
thinking of changing the plastic feed line to copper tubing do you think this will help? Several of my neighbors are faced with the same
problem. Thank you for any help you can give us.

Ben Falchi
Raliegh, NC