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Posted by Terry Love on August 21, 1998 at 00:08:53:
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He may be slow to get back for several reasons. Some of them may be things like;
Upon further contemplation, he may have realized the "quick" guess-timate was a bit low when everything was taken into consideration. ( Note: A mid forties home may have hard to remove plasterboard, galv pipes in need of replacing, wiring that needs to be upgraded for the modern expectations we have for ready and available electricity.
This is a busy time, he may be swamped at the moment.
Or, well, it could be other things too.

I would suggest talking to three contractors, first asking them if their future workload would allow for more jobs soon. Before contacting them, have in hand a simple floor layout, and a list of all project considerations to give to each of them, Let them bid the same job. Apples for Apples.
Framing layout of walls,
Plumbing, rough-in, finish, fixtures speced out, which lav, toilet, tub, faucets, shower rods,etc.
Electrical, fans, plugs, switches, heating, etc.
Heating, does a heating duct need to moved or extended?
Drywall, smooth wall, textured, ?
Floor covering? vinyl, tile, other
Floor and door moldings? rubber, wood, wide, narrow
cabinets? Have one in mind, at least, white, oak, other,
counter top and shower enclosure material, tile, laminate, cultured marble,

The more detail you can give the contractor, the easier his job becomes, and the more competent the contractor will seem to you.
The end product will more closely reflect what you were hoping for also.

Of course, there is always the contractor that can look at a situation and with the "out of focus" look in his eye suddenly turn and say, How about? And come up with some pretty inspired ideas.

Regrettably, I would decline giving an estimate over the web this way because there are just too many things I would need to see first hand. Good Luck on your project, think good thoughts.

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