Re: Glazed trapway
Posted by Richard Graber on May 29, 19100 at 12:00:53:
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If non-absorption of stains is the purpose, then I would see
little point in glazing the trapway beyond the bottom of the
bowl. I really think that it is to assure unimpeded movement
of waste, and without glazing, friction is much greater.

The question remains, is it normal that at least some of the top
of the trapway at the exit is not glazed, or is it a screw up?

: The advantage of a glazed surface is that it will not absorb stains. Once the surface is beyond viewing, glazing has little benefit. If the surface is not smooth to begin with then you will have a rough glazed finish, since glazing only coats the existing surface. It does not build it up.

: : A selling point of toilets is that they have a fully glazed trapway. I just purchased a Kohler Wellworth
: : elongated and found that the top of the trapway at the exit is not glazed. Is this standard for all "fully
: : glazed" trapways?

: : My assumption is that the benefits of full glazing are present only when there is no
: : rough surface anywhere in the trapway to slow the progress of waste materials. Am I assuming too
: : much?

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