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Posted by hj on May 28, 19100 at 17:08:21:
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Toilet tanks are not generic. An Eljer tank will not fit a Briggs bowl and vice versa. In addition the 1.6gpf tanks were redesigned so that they would not fit 3.5 gpf bowls. The 1.6 tank will not flush your toilet even if you can get it to fit.

: our toilet tank was leaking from the back,i realized that it was cracked underneath. i went to home depot and bought a new one:Eljer savoy 1.6g/6l 126
: but the original was from briggs model: 4980-A
: and i can't seem to find it anywhere, can you please help me? i need to find out where i can find briggs & eljer toilte tanks with a full picture of them, so i can see how everything goes back. for some reason the hose that connect from the wall to the tank is too short, and i'm having problems, what should i do? can you help?
: sincerely juan/chino

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