Drainage Problem
Posted by Irv Hammond on May 28, 19100 at 13:44:59:
I've recently purchased a 19 year old house which has water coming in one wall of the basement. The property slopes towards the house and the soil is clay. The property is also in a bowl (at the bottom of a hill) so changing the slope of the landscape is not an option. There are two drainage systems. The gutters deliver water to a sump then to the city - this system works well. The footer drainage should drain to a different sump and then to a rock pit, according to city plumbing inspection plans. This is backing up (and odviously coming in the basement). The city plans show where the gutter sump is (because it goes to the city and was inspected)and I found it but only hints at the location of the footer sump and rock pit. I've tried to place a membrane on the basement wall and increase the gravel to speed drainage, but heavy rains remain a problem and I have only managed to move the water leak further down the wall. You may wonder why I dont clean the sump to the rock pit - this is my problem. As I said the property plans clearly showed me the location of the sump to the city but I dont know where the sump to the rock pit is. I've tried poking holes in the ground with a pike hole. No luck. I've spent several thousand to get drain guys out to try to find the sump but they say they need to dig up the yard or at least trench the entire perimenter (at considerable cost)so they applied the membrane and left. Any suggestions on how to find the sump- short of digging up the yard to a depth of 12 feet. Twenty years of landscaping makes it even tougher.

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