Re: Crystals in water supply
Posted by hj on May 27, 19100 at 20:54:24:
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Those little beads are the resin from the water softener. Put it into bypass mode immediately and then remove the softener as soon as possible. Those beads will plug up your faucets, toilets and can even fill the bottom of the water heater to the point that it will overheat and will need to be replaced. Also, they will stay in the system for day, weeks, or months so you will have to keep unplugging the faucets until they are all gone.

: Tiny rust colored beads have started showing up in our water. They are in the toilets, the faucet aerators and even the outside faucets. Our water heater was replaced about 3 months ago. We have a water softener system that we have not filled with salt in some time. Neighbor on same line not having the problem. What is the likely cause?

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