Toto Ultramax toilet MS854114S
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Add a bidet like seat with warm water wash





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Toto Ultramax Toilet


  • Commercial Grade performance
  • 12" rough-in
  • Standard 14-5/8" high bowl
  • ADA 16-1/2" high bowl
  • One piece decorative toilet.
  • 1.6 gallon "G-Max flushing system.
    3" inch G-Max flapper assembly 
    instead of the industry standard 2".  
    This allows the water to drop faster.  
  • SoftClose seat.
  • Spec sheet.  elongated 28" long, round 26-1/2" long
  • Quiet
  • 2-1/8" glazed trapway with large round bends. This allows things to pass through better than the standard tight bends that most toilets use.

The Ultramax series of toilets have been a panacea for my customers plagued with "problem" toilets.

Remarkable, is what appears to be a three second flush.  Combine function with a high quality molding process, and what you get is a good looking, high performance toilet.

Has perhaps the most thorough flush, leaving nothing in the bowl.  
Fairly compact at 28" in length for the elongated version and 26-1/2" for the regular bowl.  
Easy to assembly, if you have a flat blade screwdriver, you're in business.    

The Ultramax now has an ADA model called the MS854114SL for the Northwest region.  

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Spec sheet

Cotton Colonial Beige Bone N/A Ebony

Toto UltraMax
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Toto UltraMax
The Ultramax has Commercial Grade performance with G-Max Power
Large 3" G-Max flush valve.
One piece 14-5/8" high bowl
Includes Toto SoftClose seat.
Chrome plated trip lever
2-1/8" glazed trapway
12" rough-in
The Ultramax starts at $499.99
The Ultramax is my first choice.
I now have the elongated Ultramax with SanaGloss in Cotton/White for $574.99

NEW product
ADA Ultramax elongated, 16-1/2" high bowl
MS854114SL-01 for $629.99 in Cotton White
Shipping Will call in Bothell WA--$0
Delivery to Seattle area or Los Angeles area. --$39.99
Expert installation in the Seattle area.--$179.00
Choose color
Quantity desired

Emax and G-Max Video

Ultramax II Video
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G-Max flushing system: A powerful and quiet flush every time. (More water height) Comes with a
SoftClose seat.
  Or upgrade to a
Washlet bidet seat
Quick Flush: New, wider 3" flush valve allows 2-1/4 times the amount of water to pass through in the same amount of time compared to the industry standard 2" flush valves.
  2" = 3.14" inches, 3" =7.07" inches


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