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We do plumbing in the greater Seattle and Eastside area.
 If it's plumbing, we do it.  

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Bathroom Remodel
Lots of information on bathroom remodel

Kitchen Remodel
pages and pages of information on kitchen remodel

Order a new toilet here.  
  TotoGerber and many other brands of toilets

Water Heaters
We sell several brands.

Garbage Disposers
Choose your model here.  The real deluxe one is the SS777 model.  

Links for information about faucets.

Replacing pipes
Things you need to know about replacing pipes in your home.
Call me for a repipe estimate.  Copper and PEX systems can really improve your home.  

Sewage Ejectors, basement bathrooms
Solutions for below grade basements.

Shirts for sale
Get you own Love Plumbing & Remodel shirt!

Water hammer arresters
Fix banging pipes and chattering dishwashers.

Water Pressure Reducing Valves
Watts 25AUB PRV
Honeywell Braukmann D05 PRV



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