WOW, this guy's good!

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    WoW...that guy has no idea about how to clear a drain...he will create lots of work for plumbers by doing it that way....
  4. Redwood

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    I didn't see any advice there that I would recommend anyone following....
  5. gusherb94

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    when i first saw that i laughed that video is absolutely ridiculous. that guy has no common sense about plumbing at all:eek:.
  6. SewerRatz

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    What is sad there are 100's of "How To" videos and web pages that have people giving advice on how to repair things that are going to cause more trouble for anyone that does not know any better and listen to this so called advice. Now I am not just saying the following because I am a licensed plumber, but in all honesty if you do not know how to do something like power rod a sewer or drain, design a DWV system that will meet your local codes, its best to call a pro. Yes you can learn how to do this stuff, but it will not happen in a couple of days. Plumbers have to be an apprentice for 5 years and take at least 4 years of schooling here in Illinois. The union shops make their apprentice plumbers take 5 years of schooling. I bet I can learn heart surgery if I did enough research, but it still does not make me qualified to perform it.

    I am not saying you can not do simple repairs and such but when things get complicated or dangerous a pro should be called. I have the knowledge on how to rebuild an engine even do some major repairs. But I rather have a pro do it for the fact he has had the experience of doing such things in the past plus has the right tools for the job. Also if he screws up he is responsible to make it right, if I screw up, well I am just plane screwed.
  7. that guy is awesome.....

    Its lucky that guy did not poke himself in the eye with
    that cheap sewer cable.....

    I suppose he is hopeing that if you follow his advice ,
    you will need him to repair the damage you did by following his advice...

    also, why would you not go down through the overflow assembly???


    or why not simply try useing a plunger first???
    and simply plug up the over flow assembly with a sponge???

    I guess that any moron can film a post for U-tube...
    their are no pre-qualification requirements......
    and someone will listen to them..

    I think, no, ......I KNOW I could do a better video than that clutzwad.....

    but I would have to get over my natrual shyness first..

    once I get over showing the crack of my ass,
    I guess it all comes together pretty easy.
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  8. hj

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    the genius

    I have a couple of questions for him.
    1. WHY didn't you actually remove the strainer? Was it stuck and you were afraid you would break the tubing under the tub?
    2. If you could slide the snake through the openings, which you seemed to have done, why bother removing the strainer?
    3. What if the stoppage is not between the strainer and the overflow tee?
    4. Why not just remove all the hair caught on the strainer and forget about removing the strainer, since that is where anything in that area will have accumulated
    5. Where did you get your drain cleaning experience?
  9. C NUMB

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    Thanks for the much needed laugh this afternoon. Business should be good for plumbers in Austin Texas after looking at some of this guys other masterpieces on you tube. I also do not see any license listing on his site.

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