White Rodgers 535 Limit Switch Replacement

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    Mar 19, 2008
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    My Mueller furnace's limit switch has just bit the dust and its time for replacement due to erratic operation.

    The old switch is a White Rodgers Model 535 that isn't manufactured anymore. It is a combination switch that has both fan and limit functions.

    I removed it to check it out and the elements that extend over the bonnet measure 16 inches from the unit to the tip.

    I have found a unit that is identical to the old unit.

    I have two White Rodgers models for replacement in mind either the:



    The 5A75-5 only has a 9 inch element which isn't as long as the old switches elements were.

    The 5A75-12 has the same 9 inch element but has a 60 inch capillary so it gives me the extra reach I need.

    This is the one I am really considering but I have one concern. Isn't the 60 inches a bit extreme? Would the extra length effect the reaction time of the switch?

    The extra capillary would be coiled if I use the 5A75-12.

    Here is a link for a visual between models:


    The 5A75-12 is on the left while the 5A75-5 is on the right.

    Thanks for the help in advance.
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