Two hot and two cold 1/2 inch water lines any valve to use.

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    I am removing a bathtub and a shower that is next to each other. I am designing a walk in shower. Question is can i use the 1/2 inch water lines that were for the shower and the 1/2 in water lines that were for the tub and tie them together for a rain shower head. My thoughts is this would give me twice the volumn and make for a great shower. Yes I know of the restrictors in the shower heads for 2.5 g/h but I would remove them. Any advice?
  2. hj

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    Whether you would get twice the flow depends on what is feeding those two lines, AND the capacity of the valve itself. If one line could deliver all the water the valve can pass through it, then adding addition capacity to the supply lines would be useless.
  3. Herk

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    Stop trying to waste precious water.
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    Same. I dont have a meter on my place, but even if I did, I wouldnt waste the money on a rain head or other shower "accessories." Showers are meant to be for cleaning oneself and sure relaxing for a few minutes, but if you want relaxing take a bath with some scented candles. :p
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