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  2. That's almost a $280 set up there so don't expect that reserve price to be hanging low.

    It's all I've used over the years. I love the push-button ignitor attachment and the large tip is great for heating up poured lead joints.

    I run with MC tanks with the adaptor for the item you are looking at.
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    Unless you're in the business of using a torch quite a bit, I dont see the need for a B tank, but hey...that is one man's opinion. Like Rugged, it is what I use, but only for commercial plumbing (my "regular" job)....which is 95% of the time. For working on my own on residential projects, I just use a small MAPP gas setup. Works great and I'm not lugging that big tank around the customer's house. If you're dead set on a Turbo Torch, but you wont be using it frequently, check into the same setup, but with the small tank and regulator (MC). Its alot less cumbersome.

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    It's all I use - B tank and Turbo Torch - good for soldering all sizes of pipe up to 5" copper and brazing up to 2.5"...
  5. turbo torches

    that top set up is all you really need.....

    the LARGE B tanks are a pain in the butt and weigh too much
    for average service work.....they are best for heavy
    construction jobs only..... my opinion only

    dragging a B tank across a tight crawl space
    getting it covered in mud, then going to the next call and

    laying it down on a ladies kitchen floor with gravel
    still stuck to the bottom of it does not go over too good.....

    or hauling one down a flight of stairs gets very old
    after a while....

    they get very, very heavy by the end of the day

    I have that top set up with the larger torch tips...
    and its been adapted down to the smaller " mc tanks." ...

    it has less volume, but its a fourth the weight and
    worth the trade off

    I carry 2 extra mc tanks with me for a back up.
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  6. coz

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    I use a small map torch too ..all i need.. unless you work on 4 inch mains all the time. its overkill. my setup fits in my toolbox
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