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  1. RonM

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    Houston, TX
    I have just removed an existing 3 walled fiberglass tub/shower unit. I plan to replace it with a cast iron/porcelain tub (Kohler Villager from Home Depot), and tile the walls. I am fairly experienced with home improvement, but have never done this project. I have searched the internet, and have found no good instructions to install the tub, and then I found this site. How exactly do you anchor the tub to the studs? I obviously cannot nail through the cast iron flange and into the studs without cracking the tub. Should I just use shims underneath the tub to support it? I will probably have a plumber come in and install the drain and tub/ shower valve because I am switching from a 3 handle to a 1 handle faucet, and I don't feel comfortable sweating pipes. (I might be able to do it, but the frustration is not worth getting my blood pressure up) At what stage do I need to have the plumber come in to attach the drain? I would think that all I need is to have the bathtub secure and level, then the plumber could install everything, then I could install the vapor barrier, cement backer board, and tile. Once I get the tub stable and the plumbing done, the tile part I know what I am doing.

    Sorry for the long-winded post, any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  2. jimbo

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    Since the tub weighs north of 250 pounds, it isn't going anywhere! You need to install a ledger board on the back side. Then typically some large head roof nails just above the flange. I prefer a SS screw with a SS fender washer.

    Depending on what access you have , you may need to have the drain shoe in place before you set the tub. This requires careful measurements.
    So check with the plumber before you set the tub. Try to avoid having to muscle that tub in and out too many times!
  3. hj

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    If you installed the tub and then called me to connect it the first thing I would tell you is to take it out so I could fit things up first.
  4. RonM

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    Houston, TX
    Thanks for the advice, that is what I was unsure of. I do have an acess panel to the plumbing in the adjoining room, but I don't want to have to remove the tub for the plumber after I go through the labor to anchor it.
  5. jch

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    Kohler has some useful installation instructions on their website here:

    Under "Technical Information", you'll find several useful PDFs, including this one:

    In particular, these parts:
    It also discusses the order you should install various parts of the plumbing, the tub, etc.

    Hope this helps,
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