toilet is backed-up, but slowly unclogs

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Jasmine123, May 14, 2007.

  1. Jasmine123

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    Since buying a (Toto) Drake last month, it has clogged twice, although I hold the toilet handle down on flushing. Now I'm thinking in terms of: (1) getting a power-assisted toilet, (2) buying a good snake to have on-hand, or (3) using more Metamucil. The plumber's "friend" I use doesn't help at all and it seems to stir-up the water in the bowl more than anything else.
  2. shacko

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    You have a clog! it dosen't matter what you buy the drain line needs to be cleaned out.
  3. Gary Swart

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    The drain line is most likely clogged. A different toilet won't help. You need to have the drain snaked. Do not try chemical cleaners, they will not clear the clog, but they will create a potential hazard for whomever you finally hire to clear the clog. It is possible that something is jammed in the toilet's trap and slowing the flush. You can try a small snake on that or remove the toilet and go for the underside to dislodge the obstruction. Use a new wax ring when you reset the toilet.
  4. jadnashua

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    The clog could be as simple as the wax ring slipped during installation, or you used an extra thick one when a normal one would have been fine. Some people think the extra thick one solves problems, but for a properly installed flange, it can actually create some. I agree, it is not the toilet, it is the drain line. Nothing in a toilet will slowly allow stuff to drain out, it either goes or it doesn't, and with Totos, it usually goes (unless the line is clogged).
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