To Replace old Toilet OR Not

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    I am considering replacing our old toilets (American Standard Plebe) installed in our home in 1986. We've done some upgrades in the bathrooms and have finally replaced the water softener. I don't even know what flush capacity the current toilets have. They are still functional and I have no problems with them but they have some minor iron stains on the bowl that cannot be removed and so with the upgrades, I thought I'd replace them UNTIL I found this website.

    All things being equal, I'd replace them with a low profile elongated bowl toilet, but I'm really concerned about going to such a dramatic decrease in water amount and whether I'll be happy with it. I'm looking to spend in the neighborhood of $275 - $300 for a stylish toilet with quality flushing capability. However, I'm thinking I might just be better off keeping the old toilets. I'd hate to spend that much on three toilets and hate them.

    I'd appreciate any advice the forum could provide. Thanks

    I forgot to add that we have well water and a septic system. I don't know if that makes a difference in the replys to my post or not. Thanks [​IMG]
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    Plebe is a builders type toilet, but if the work well I think I would keep them.

    Back then the plumber may have recommended a American Standard Cadet.
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    You can figure out how much a flush takes, it won't take you too long. Mark where it is when it is full. Turn off the water, flush it, then use something like a quart/half gallon pitcher to pour water back in until it is full. It could be a 5-gallon toilet. You have to pump all of that water up ($) then flood the septic system with it and maybe water condition it, too. Depending on how many people in the house, going to a 1.6 gallon (or even less if you get one of the dual-flush models) could significantly cut down on the volume of water into your septic system daily. If you get a decent one, it should work as well or better than what you have now. I've got two Toto models in my house and like them. The soft-close seats are nice, too (although you can put a standard seat on it - some models come with one though) - no clunks in the night.
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