Sewer Line Replacement

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    I Have An Older Home (1920) With Teracotta Sewer Pipe. I Had A Video Inspection Of The Line Last Week And It Showed Lots Of Problems. There Are Sections Of Pipe That Are Just Gone And Several Joints Have Roots Intruding. The Lateral Line Is 85 Feet And Runs From The Side Yard, Under The House To The Street. There Is One Connection Along The Run. Trench Replacement Would Be Impossible. I Had An Estimate Of $12,000 To Replace The Pipe With A Trenchless System Using Poly Pipe Of Some Kind. I Was Told The Work Would Be Done In Two Days, So 12,000 Seems A Little Steep To Me (6,000 Per Day). I Know There Are Permits, Sidewalk Demo, Etc. Is This In The Ballpark For What A Job Like This Should Cost?
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    We really cant say if its a reasonable price or not without seeing and evaluating the job and knowing the going rates in your part of the world. I will say that doing a "trenchless" replacement is usually more expensive (around here anyway). You should get a couple of more estimates then decide who's going to give you the most bang for your buck.

    Good luck
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