Separate or 3-Function Shower Controls

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    We are installing a doorless walk-in shower. It will have inside measurements of 32"x72". We want to have a shower head at one end and a hand-held with a bench at the other end. I have been reading the posts about how much the valves and trim kits cost. It's pretty scary.

    We need to do this as inexpensively as possible. We are considering the Moentrol 3330 3 function valve. Would it be less expensive to install 2 separate valves? Can anyone recommend the best system for this purpose and suggest where to buy it? Would two separate valves be more trouble-free than one valve? We plan to run the pipes around the corner to the back wall of the shower so we can turn on the shower without getting hit by the cold water. Must the pipes be soldered or can we use Copper Bond made by Super Glue? Thanks.
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    You'll want to solder things, forget the glue.

    A divertor valve may end up less expensive than two control valves.

    Since benches are often a source of leaks and compromise the integrity of a shower, I suggest you look at a couple of products: Kerdi from It will make building the shower and bench much easier and ensure a nice, waterproof, long-lasting shower. A monument (solid) bench is one way to do this, but another is the Better Bench from I've personally used both, and like them.
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    Do not even consider the glue. If this is intended to be a two person shower use separate valves so each can adjust his own temperature. Moving the valves is a good idea. A better one is to install a "toe tester" diverter spout so you can adjust the water temperature before diverting it to the shower head.
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    Thank you. I have never heard of a toe-tester diverter but it sounds like a good idea. What does a toe-tester diverter spout look like. Is it the same thing as a bath spout? Since we have not yet removed the bath spout, should we leave it to use as the tester or would that look odd?
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    Bite your tongue! Copper bond may be acceptable for arts and craft projects, but should be no where near a pipe with water in it. The fact that their advertisements CLAIM it is ok....well, Camel cigarettes used have a Doctor in their ads who said they were GOOD FOR YOU!
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    Ok, I am embarrassed that I asked about the glue. Thank you for setting me straight. Someone at the orange box told my husband that it worked just as well as soldering but that it might not be to code because codes are slow to catch up with technology. Instead we decided to go with pex pipe and shark bite connectors.
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