Replacing basement shower with bathtub..??

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    Hi guys.

    So, I need to replace a basement shower with a bathtub. I replaced tubs before, not that hard.
    However, I've never quite done this, and I'm concerned about the drain. Obviously, I'd like to move it a bit, maybe a foot or so. How hard is it to adapt what's there to a bathtub drain.

    Are they easily compatable..??

    Will there be many issues mating old to new..??

    Any bits of info, or things I need to look out for..??

    Thanks guys...:)
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    It is exactly the opposite of moving a tub drain to a shower drain.Bust out the concrete to where you need it and hope the drain runs under it . Place the drain where you measured it to the center of the overflow and center of the tub drain out is where the shoe will be.Work backwards from the tub to the drain. Sometimes you have to take it all apart to get the tub in and lined up. Thats the fun part. Install the overflow onto the tub prior to installing and stab it on the way down. It is a lot easier this way If it doesn`t line up in the first try or two,just pull it and don`t waste any more time. You`ll have to lay down and hook it up. BE SURE TO TEST IT.

    As far as issues you never know til you get to the drain pipe.

    Good luck

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