Proprietary Faucet Supply Lines - Are They Good?

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    See Pic Below for an Example.

    I am talking about the proprietary flexible supply lines that many faucets come with now. The ones with a 'special' fitting , usually narrow, that plugs-in in some way to the faucet valve body. The other end of these hoses/lines connect to the supply shut-off valves as usual.

    1. Do these proprietary lines lock-in, screw-in to the valve body of the faucet?

    2. Do they use O rings?

    3. Do they provide long lasting and reliable water-tight service?

    4. Do the manufacturers provide replacements if needed? Naturally, you can't buy them anywhere other than the manufacturer.

    Matt B

    --Notice the 2 braided lines with the long, narrow fittings at one end. These fittings go into the bottom of the 'valve body' of the faucet. Notice there are no copper tubing stubs with threaded adapters sticking out from under the faucet valve body - like faucets used to be made.

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    One too many threads on this whole issue...
    But post a pic of what you are referring to or a link.
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