Need extra high toilet for extra tall husband

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by sweetswededoc, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Hi, My husband and I are renovating our bathroom and we have an unusual situation. He is (a former NBA basketball player) is 6'11', and has pretty worn out knees. The ADA height toilets are just too low. Of course this is a historic house, so the Toto cyclone fush toilets would be a great choice (in terms of flush). We have the toilet in its own WC room (4'X6') So I was considering having a 6" platform built, and placing the ADA toliet on the platform. Have you encountered this issue with the super tall before? Any suggestions? Thanks Judy
  2. It can be done, They make a plastic riser that is sold on the net with 7" closet bolts that connects to the existing flange.

    I'd prefer a custom built elevation before the plastic, made to conform with the skirt line of the toilet.

    Either that or go with a wall hung and set as high as you want, going to cost more to design that application.

    I have one customer that has wall hung AS toilets and hopefully they never leak where they hook to the wall. :confused: :eek:

    I'm tall and I have handicap rails to grab onto.
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    You can do that. Are you guessing at the 6"? If your going to build one you want it to be the right height the first time.

    If you build a platform you will need a plumber to extend the drain and flange up to the new height.
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