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    Aug 16, 2008
    I had an irrigation system installed approximately two weeks ago. Due to the regulations/guidelines in my area, the system can only be installed in my yard and 12 inches from the sidewalk. There is a sidewalk between my yard and the common area where my mailbox and more grass is located. The system has been running fine, but I noticed the other day that I have a stream of water running down my street from a weep hole in the sidewalk. I called the irrigation company and they are insisting that the leak is not due to their installation and stated that I should call my builder. I informed them that the leak did not occur until after their installation. They said that because I water my grass more often now, the sprinklers are watering the common area and the weep hole is releasing the extra water. For some reason, I am not sure if this is true. Today, I turned off the system completely and there is still water coming out of this weep hole. I used a paper towel to absorb the water and more continued to come out. When I initially noticed it, there was a greasy film in the water and now it is starting for form a mold like substance on the concrete. Please advise if this is indeed possibly a problem with the system or something else. Thank you for your assistance.
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