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    Jun 29, 2013
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    We're remodeling a small (5x8) bathroom in my mother's house (total gut). The tub can't be wider than 30" and 5' long. I am looking for some recommendations on which tub to pick. It seems the overall winner for quality, is enameled cast iron, however, my mother does not want cast iron. The old tub was enamel steel, and she feels that since it lasted 50 years she'd like another enamel steel tub. She's afraid that cast iron is too heavy for her floors, and too much work to install. I don't find too many out there in these dimensions and am looking for suggestions, and reviews on the following products.

    Bootzcast - porcelain on steel - Syniron 2. Says it is porcelain enameled steel encased with Syniron composite material (saw it at Home Depot)

    American Standard - Princeton - Made from Americast - Sounds similar to the Syniron, as it is also porcelain enameled steel on a composite. (saw it at Lowes)

    Briggs - The Pendant V - Porcelean enameled steel - says it has a foam bottom for sound deadening. (saw online while researching)

    And, then for cast iron, Kohler as the Villager. Also saw this at Home Depot and was surprised that it's not much more than the others. I add this to the list despite that my mother doesn't want cast iron, b/c I also wonder if it really is that much better.

    Are there any acrylic tubs that come highly recommended? I've heard some horror stories of acrylic cracking, though it seems to be an installation problem.

    Looking forward to all the comments and opinions and expertise this forum has to offer. I never knew remodeling a 5x8 space would be so much work!
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