Guesstimates for new water line from meter to house

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    Hello again!

    I have a friend who is wanting to get some estimates for what it might cost to replace her existing galvanized water supply line running from her water meter to her house. The line runs about 50 feet from the meter to the house and is buries a foot or two below ground (depending on where you are in the yard, which slopes).

    We're in Georgia, so the water supply to the house doesn't have to be three feet under ground.

    Is this a job that a homeowner could take on (with the right equipment)? I know trenchers can be rented, and assuming other utility lines are marked so that a person knows where they are, a homeowner could potentially trench the yard and lay a new supply line. But is this something a homeowner should even consider doing? Or is it out of the do-it-yourself league? I've replumbed a bath before (removed existing galvanized lines and replaced with CPVC or copper - replacing what's there---not putting in new from scratch), so I have some very minor skills.

    Thanks for whatever help you can provide.
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    A trencher is not very expensive nor difficult to use, but you would have locate and mark the existing line so as not to run the trencher into it. Making the connection to the meter and at the house shouldn't be too difficult if you have some basic skills.
  3. water line service

    depending on who you call you will probably be getting it done for somewhere between 700 and 1200

    If you call the water company and ask them for a list of who they recommend
    you might find someone dirt cheap that follows the water compnay around and installs services in new areas . They will be the cheapest

    it usually has to be inspected and its best to just it done and over with quickly

    make sure they are bonded, and insured.

    give them a time line , how fast will it be done and over with.

    (you dont want a tractor sitting in your front yard for a week while they take a few days off to go fishing)


    That is the worst absolute mistake you can make with these fellows.
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