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  1. RAS

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    Hello all,

    I want to install a utility sink into my garage. I live near Chicago, IL so yes, we do have freezing temps. My garage has bedrooms above it so the garage is fully insulated and drywalled (ceiling and all walls). The garage is not heated but my neighbor has a garage sink so I figure I love to have one if I can install it safely. This sink right now is in the house next to the garage but crammed into a closet and difficult to get to. I believe that this sink drain is not tied into any other plumbing whatsoever. It does drain into the basement ejector pit which is where it probably drained when it was originally installed in the basement. previous owner had it moved to the main floor closet.

    My questions are...

    1. Should I place the hot/cold shut off valves facing to the interior- on the warm side of the insulation? I will install an access panel of course. Do I even need shut-off valves near the sink for code? or can I place 1/4 turn ball valves just below in the basement?
    2. AAV safe to use? Can I install it as shown- so long as I have access to it. I am still hunting for an actual vent but so far cant get to it.


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  2. Terry

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    The shutoffs (ball valves) for the water can be in the basement.
    The AAV needs a ventilated access.
  3. mikeplummer

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    depending on your code, i don't believe the aav can be in an insulated wall....should be min 6" above insualting materials
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