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    Hello -
    I am trying to create a storyboard for the installation of the faucets and jets in a shower stall...I need to know what the finished thicknesses of the adhesive will be between the wall board and the waterproof membrane (schluter) and also between the membrane and the dimensioned stone. (1x1 marble ) so that I can attach the controls at the right depth in the wall.
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    Question is better asked over on

    My guess is that the Kerdi +thinset under it is just under 1/8" and then you'll have about 1/8" of thinset under the marble. But, ask over there; they've got much more experience with that.
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    The total thickness will be whatever size wallboard you are using, plus the tile's subbase whether thinset or a mortar base which could range from 1/8" to 3/4", plus the thickness of the tile, again which could range from 3/8" to 1" or more depending on the material. The decision as to the type of subbase and tile thickness have to be made before setting the valve. Or at least they should. I am waiting for valve extensions right now for a system that someone decided to change from a 3/4" thickness to a 2" thick wall, and did not think it would make any difference to anyone.
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