Basement dehumidifier/ condensate pump

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    Hi all,

    I have a partially finished basement in the NE and I'd like to stop having to haul water up from the dehumidifier to empty it every day. I have no basement drain or sump pump. If I used a condensate pump I could "drain it out the window" which is what the manufacturers say but this doesn't make much sense to me (leaving basement window open to elements not to mention critters). Can I somehow attach hose to DWV pipe coming from second floor bathroom which is in ceiling of unfinished part of basement? Not getting how to attach the 20' 3/8 tubing that comes with say, a Liberty LCU-20S into my drains from above. Washer is on first floor, other side of house so not easy to route tubing up and into the stand pipe.

    BTW,Thanks for all past help I've gotten by lurking here :)
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    Depending on the window, you might replace a pane with Lexan and then drill a hole through it to allow the plastic tubing to exit the house. The Lexan is a much stronger version of plexiglass. they make a version that is UV resistant. You'd need an air gap and p-trap to dump the condensate if you tried to patch it in there.
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