A bad nights sleep, what does it cost?

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    Scientist estimate that workers showing up late after a bad night's sleep, known as "presenteeism" - may cost U.S. Companies $62.2 billion a year in lost productivity. Please come up with name for another condition that you think may hurt productivity.

    Social Notworking
    Frank Letchworth

    Irritable Boss Syndrome
    BJ Fogg

    Scot Lee

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    They have to come up with a name for everything, Just so Insurance will Acknowledge it.

    Having the Farts is now Persistent Flatuating Disorder, and may be covered by health insurance companies.

    Have Fun
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    Jock Syndrome Disorder

    My apprentice has missed a lot of days work because of a bad back and neck. He used to coach trampoline and often after a "Free Night" or class wrap up they would set up for these extreme trampoline night classes. His back was always "Jacked" after a night doing stunts designed for 12-16 year old kids.

    I noticed his back is a little tight this past week and I asked him if he was coaching trampoline again and he said no that he played Rugby with some friends on the weekend.

    The act of getting back in shape I think must really take it's toll on people - people who are shattered the next day or days after a big work out.

    Jock Syndrome Disorder: A He-Man on Sunday and a three quarter man on Monday!

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